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Saturday is our biggest day for both recreational and racing paddlers. Paddlers meet at the South Brisbane Sailing Club for an early morning paddle followed by a social get together over breakfast at 8am at the West End Park Café.

The Club provides access to club kayaks and storage space for members. Hot showers and changing facilities are also available. The times below show the arrival time and when padding commences.

Club members paddle on Saturday morning at the following times:

May – August –           06:30 (arrival) / 06:45 (on the water)

September – April –   06:00 (arrival) / 06:15 (on the water)


Club members also paddle at the following times:

Monday  –                           17:30 (arrival) / 17:45 (on the water)

Tuesday & Thursday –       05:00 (arrival) / 05:15 (on the water)

Thursday Ladies’ Group – 05:45 (arrival) / 06:00 (on the water)

We encourage new members to contact Club President, Steve McDonald, by email at ‎to discuss their needs in more detail or to arrange a time to come for a try out on Saturday mornings.




.... and breakfast