West End Canoe Club

West End Canoe Club Inc is a group of paddlers with a range of experience. Some of us participate in competitive events while others just kayak for fun. The Club is affiliated with Queensland Canoeing.

The Club House is situated on the Brisbane River at Orleigh Park-West End, underneath the South Brisbane Sailing Club. We have hot showers and changing rooms, and some storage space for member and club craft. There are a number of club craft available for use however, we anticipate that all members will eventually get their own kayak.

Brisbane River access is via a concrete boat ramp or a specially designed Kayak launching pontoon. This makes entering and exiting your craft easier.

Joining the West End Canoe Club will provide you with opportunities for fun, friendship and adventure. Kayaking is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy for the whole of their life.

You are never too old to start this wonderful sport at any level, whatever your interests – recreational or racing.

Members meet for a social paddle at 7am every Saturday morning (winter schedule), followed by coffee and breakfast at a West End Cafe or a sausage sizzle at the club house… And a few keen competitors train together Tuesday and Thursday mornings during the week.

If you are interested in becoming a member of West End Canoe Club please contact the Club President, Steve McDonald, by email at

What do new members need to join
  1. Basic Skills – Our Clubhouse is situated on the Brisbane River where there are tidal currents, CityCats and rowers. To avoid putting first time paddlers into this environment we require our members to have a grasp of basic kayak skills.
  2. Equipment for paddling – The club is able to provide a small range of craft for new members to try before buying their own, however it is anticipated that within a short period of time, members will have their own equipment.You should expect to pay between $600 and $3,000 for a new kayak depending on the type, and upwards of $100 for a paddle.You should also consider costs for transportation roof racks, PFD, other safety equipment, water bottles and sun protection.
  3. Membership – To request club membership please contact the Club President, Steve McDonald, by email at join the club, or to renew your club membership, follow the links at the bottom of the main page on the Paddle Queensland website. New members should also review this informative support guide about how to create a Paddle Australia account.